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June 14, 2004 by weree
It was my 5th day yesterday here in Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday, for the first time in history and in Latin America the Olympic torch would be carried through the city from the MaracanĂ£ stadion to the Flamengo beach. Helis were sticking in the air like frozen mosquitos, it was only 19 degrees or even colder. People were wearing gloves and hats and sweaters for the cold. Surreal to me but real for the cariocas.
I wondered, just for a minut how much it costed to keep those metal flies up in the ai...
May 30, 2004 by weree
Monday 31 st of May 2004

I am tired of tv news and of the filth that comes out of the telly, of the abuses worldwide which the media present me on a silver platter. I am tired of human suffering, tired of injustice. I wish I could just retreat and forget the planet and its misery. The overkill of information makes us more knowledgeble but also more depressed than ever. Would I be happier living a hermite's life? Who will tell?
May 30, 2004 by weree
This guy is 29, he is a new breed of leader of the Xavante nation living in Mato Grosso in the Sangradouro reservation. Because he has vowed to reclaim stolen ancestral land, reforest and cultivate it, the ranchers have put a price on his head. he is in hiding in Sao Paulo city where he studies geography. His name is Hiparidi Top'tiro Xavante. Since president Lula got sworn in Januari 2003, we have seen more Brazilian Indigenous leaders killed then in one decade under military rule. Spread th...
May 30, 2004 by weree
May 30, 2004 by weree
Hi visitor,

Let me welcome you onto my pages in which I will share information with you on my travels through the world. I have spent the last 15 years traveling from West to East and south of the globe. Not that Ihave covered the globe entirely, but still I have enough experience as a traveler and an artist in submerging myself in hitherto for me unknow civilisations and cultures. In 1989 I became involved with the Xavante nation in Brazil's outback of the State Mato Grosso. i became the blo...